I would like to preface this by saying that the changelog below is huge, but we wanted to make sure that just about everything was detailed; plus it has lots of pictures so it really isn't too bad! More time than I care to admit has gone into creating the changelog, and many more times that has gone into implementing everything it describes.

Season 6 will launch on June 9th (so about 3 weeks from now). News about the Discord invite competition, trailer and staff applications will be dropped in the upcoming weeks so keep an eye out.

Please share any concerns, feedback or delight on this thread as we will be keeping a close eye on it and making changes where necessary. Make sure you join our Discord where ongoing discussions and polls relating to Season 6 will be taking place.

I hope we will be seeing many existing players returning as well as plenty of new ones who are tired of playing on unprofessional and 'scam' servers.

It seems that about 30 days ago Buycraft changed their Coupon code API. This means that automatically generated codes obtained ingame were set to expire immediately.

If you have any coupon codes created in the past 30 days, you will need to submit a ticket here to receive replacements.
As some of you are understandably getting restless, and rumours are starting to spread, I thought it would be best to give everyone an open and transparent look into the current progress of Season 6.

There are numerous reasons why news up to this point has been fairly sparse, but it has mostly come down to the fact that myself and swifteh have been very busy with other work commitments.

Current Progress


Next Season we will be replacing almost every build with something new, or adding a second build to go alongside the original in the cases of Conquest and LMS.

Spawn - complete (though does need some slight tweaking to better fit surrounding warzone)
Castle - complete
End Map / KOTH - complete
Duel Arenas - complete
PvP Arena - complete
LMS - complete
Conquest - complete
Warzone - complete


I don't want to reveal too much as to ruin any surprises, but I will say that Season 6 will debut at least 4-5 'big' new features (one of which is The Barrows). Some you will have maybe seen on other servers, some will be completely unique (at least - I think). We will also be revisiting a lot of our existing plugins such as Crates, Lottery, Castle, Custom Enchantments and Coin Flip, giving each usability updates as well as new features.


Without a fully completed set of builds and plugins, we are yet to have a trailer made. Last map we had the problem of creating the trailer way too early and last minute changes made some of it obsolete before the map even launched.

Once all of the plugins are...
Our cannon server, while fully functional, has been neglected for a short while so we thought it was time to give it a minor overhaul to address some of the more important concerns.

Firstly, we have upgraded the WorldEdit version to FastAsyncWorldEdit. This should not only offer much better performance but also fix any problems with blocks occasionally not pasting in properly.

Secondly we have added a new "mega" plot world, and anyone with a rank above Citizen can claim a plot there. This world features huge 75 x 75 chunk plots (an area increase of over six times over the standard plot size). This world also benefits from a larger chunk render distance.

And finally, all players now have access to 20 sethomes and anyone with a rank above Citizen can set 200!

To claim your mega plot, type /plot mega on the cannon server. You can teleport between plots with /plot tp.

We are still investigating the possibility of offering schematic uploading to the cannon server and upgrading to FastAsyncWorldEdit was the first step in this process.

You can join the cannon server directly using cannon.vaelox.com or join by typing /cannon while on the Factions server.
Season 5 has now officially ended, and a snapshot has been taken to determine end-of-season rewards. Anything done after this point will not be counted towards these calculations.

As always we will be giving players some time to open any disputes they may have (via ticket) before officially announcing the winners.

Details of the next season will follow shortly after the winners have been announced, and the map will remain active until just before the new season starts.
Season 5 will officially end at 10pm UTC Sunday 4th February.

The map will remain online and playable (but marked as off-Season) until Season 6 is ready.
It appears that previous warnings have fallen on deaf ears and Factions are continuing to break rules and play unfairly in order to avoid being raided. It is clear that we need to expand our claiming rules even further for next Season, but for now, some more penalties.

Below I have outlined what offences each Faction has committed in the past week. I have compiled this list via staff messages, Discord messages & support tickets. I will wait a couple of days before issuing penalties so that any errors or missing offences can be pointed out and addressed. If you want to discuss something, submit a ticket.

We will be considering the impact of each offence as well as any previous offences when deciding any value penalty.

Please note that if multiple Factions have access to each others claims, we will be considering those claims as one Faction when dealing with claim related infractions.

I would like to thank the admins for being extremely proactive while I was away, it looks like they clean up a ton of infringing claims in a very timely manner.

Console (Atilla)
Genning and patching walls inside a cannon box to prevent cannons from hitting their base
Claiming entire strips of claims from a cannon box to the base walls (I believe this has happened on more than one occasion)
Using an automatic reverse nuker (used to destroy about 10 walls)

Placing cake blocks (at the time couldn’t be stacked on) to stop a raid
Claiming and creating more walls than permitted around a cannon box (with Farside)
Teaming during the Raid Event (with Farside)

Oversized (though mostly marginally) cannon claims
Claiming and creating more walls than permitted around a cannon box (with GucciGang)
Teaming during the Raid Event (with GucciGang)
Using an automatic single stacker (though minimal impact caused)
While it should be obvious to most that inviting players to your Faction who are currently banned from the server on another account is not OK, I think it’s time we put a formal rule in place to try and curb this behaviour.

If a player who has been previously banned from a Faction is later found to be in that Faction again, but on a new account, the player who invited the new account into the Faction will be subject to a ban.

Factions who clock up repeat offences will be subject to a value penalty.

As Factions are very cautious about who they invite these days, we are fully aware that you know exactly who the new player you just invited really is. You are fully responsible for vetting the people that you invite to your Faction.

If you have any suspicions, please contact us as soon as possible as we are likely to be lenient with those who reached out to us first.
It has come to my attention that some Factions are continuing to violate the rules despite previous warnings, doing whatever it takes to stop themselves getting raided.

The following Factions have therefore been dealt a $100,000,000 value penalty:
  • GucciGang
  • Attila
I understand that you don't want to get raided, but please stop trying to do whatever you can to bend and break the rules. We do our best to define a clear set of raiding rules and restrictions but given the nature of Factions, there are inevitably ways around them. If you have any suggestions for how we can make things clearer, please let me know.

Ideally we would be spending our time working on features, fixing bugs and getting things prepared for Season 6 and not having to spend hours dealing with drama between Factions.

Please keep it clean and play fair.

The raid event will take place in its own dedicated world. In this world, Factions can only claim up to 16 chunks at any one time. This is a Faction vs. Faction event and we will disqualify any Faction(s) who are found to be teaming in any way.

You will need to provide everything you are going to need, except TNT. In the raid event world, dispensers will magically dispense TNT without needing to be filled up (though they are rate-limited so don't go too crazy with them).

Raiding will be disabled in every other world except the raid event world for a period of 4 hours after the event has started

The world will open up at 10pm UTC / 5pm EST / 2PM PST. I realise this is a little late for our EU players, so if the event is well received we will look to host an earlier one sometime next week.

The world will remain open for 24 hours, though I expect all bases will have been looted by this time.

Joining the Event
A portal at spawn will take you to a platform in the raid event world. You can also use any combination of homes / Faction warps / tps to get back into the world. PvP is disabled on the platform but enabled everywhere else in the world.

The Bases
The bases in this world are of varying size and difficulty. Each base has just one central chunk containing all of the valuables (prizes). Don't expect anything with full 20 chunk buffers of walls, but we hope they will at least offer some resistance and difficulty.

The world is 2000 x 2000 in size and contains 24 bases of varying size and difficulty. Some of them are super simple to get into, so don't feel like you wont have anything target if you are a nooby raider!

The Prizes
Each base will be loaded up with valuables based on the difficulty of entry. Each base is also claimed by a Faction with 50,000 Faction credits to their name which will be awarded to the first Faction to breach it.