Here are some of the more notable changes from the past few days. The Barrows is nearing completion (apologies if you saw any skeletons lying down next to you, they couldn't find their coffin!) and should be available shortly.

Mob Arena

All four brand new Mob Arena's have now been enabled and you can join these for free by typing /ma j. The new axe kit is also available, making this an excellent place to level up your axes mcMMO.

Prizes have seen a minor rework and you can now win items such as Emerald, Sapphire and Ruby crates, as well as Faction Credits and spawners. You will need to complete the arenas to get the top-tier prizes however.

Primary Claims


While I do have to admire the creativity of some players, it is clear that our primary claim mechanic needed a few adjustments to lessen the frustration. We have therefore made the following changes:
  • Players can no longer put items with /f top value into an enemy chest
  • Players can no longer put items with /f top value into a double chest if half of the chest is in enemy land
  • Upon closing a chest, the /f top value of that chest is sent to the player
  • Increased threshold to $1,500,000 (this may be revised again in future)
In addition to this, primary claims now have a "pending state" the first time they are found with a value exceeding $1,500,000. A pending primary claim has a different colour on the /f map and cannot be breached for points.

If the chunk retains a high value for the next /f top update, it will be marked as a primary claim just like before.
While bug fixing and performance tweaks are the main focus immediately post-reset, we have taken the time to sneak in a few small updates I thought I'd let you know about.

We have updated /f top to show the % change in value from 24 hours ago for each Faction.

You can also see an advanced breakdown by mousing over each Faction and this will now include the value change from 24 hours ago.

This will allow you to easily see how hard a Faction is grinding or how badly a raid hurt them.

We have also made some changes to hoppers so that they no longer pickup any item that contributes value to /f top. It has been shown in the past that hoppers picking up spawners mid-raid can be incredibly frustrating so we wanted to fix that!

For those anxious for some PvM action, all four new Mob Arena's will be going live later today and The Barrows has a planned launch for sometime in the next few days after we make some improvements to the instancing system.
As we have phased out our Teamspeak and moved over to Discord, we thought it would be a great idea to hold a little competition to help grow it and raise hype/awareness for Season 5.

Our Discord server is a great place for discussion, exclusive access behind the scenes, and direct communication with members of staff.

If you don't already have Discord, you can download it by clicking here. After downloading the app, click this link to join our Discord server.

Competition Details
Ranks will be awarded to the top three people who get the most joins to our Discord server using their own permanent invite links. You can create your own invite link by clicking the invite button at the top left of our Discord server page, or by clicking on the word "Vaelox" and then clicking on "Invite People" in the dropdown. MAKE SURE YOU SET THE LINK TO NEVER EXPIRE.

The competition closes December 14th 11pm UTC.

Top Inviter: Diabolical Rank ($300 value)
2nd Place: Infamous Rank ($225 value)
3rd Place: Notorious Rank ($175 value)

(make sure the never expire is ticked)

Please make sure that you only invite people who may actually be interested in playing the server.

@xApollo__ has created a short video to show you how you can both join our server and get your invite link.

After some last minute tweaks and many let downs from the original editor, our Season 5 trailer is finally here!

Share it with your friends, get them in our Discord and get HYPED for Season 5!

Do you have a YouTube channel?

We are offering an exclusive YouTuber ingame kit which includes crate keys, armour, PvP supplies and ingame money, as well as an exclusive bat disguise for anyone that uploads and shares our trailer.

Download our trailer from here (if your browser autoplays the video, right-click and save it) and then upload it to your YouTube channel.

Video title: Vaelox Season 5 Trailer - PLAY.VAELOX.COM
Video description:
► Season 5 launch information:
► Share our trailer for an exclusive kit and disguise, details:

Join us in Discord: 
If your video reaches 250 or more views, submit a ticket or email us at [email protected] with the video URL and your ingame name to receive your goodies when Season 5 launches. Your channel must have a history of uploading and we reserve the right to deny anyone who we suspect of boosting or botting the views.

Do you have a large YouTube channel?

If you or somebody you know has a moderate or large YouTube channel and is interested in uploading the trailer for a fee, or interested in creating a Season 5 series, get in touch via [email protected] or message me on Discord Bestle#9280.
I am happy to finally be able to bring you some much anticipated news about the next map and the launch of Season 5. The launch trailer should drop later this week, we are just waiting on a couple of small edits to be completed.

Please share any concerns, feedback or delight on this thread as we will be keeping a close eye on it and making changes where necessary.

I'm sure it's extremely obvious to most, but we now have a new, darker theme! It has been requested a ton so we hope we have delivered something that matches your expectations.

The 'old' light theme is still available should you prefer it, just select "Vaelox" from the theme picker at the bottom of the page.

There are probably plenty of areas where the theme may look a bit weird, or be a little buggy, so please let us know and we can fix it :)

We have also enabled SSL for those who sleep better at night knowing there was a padlock protecting them from baddies.
Our current goal is to reset sometime mid to late (but before Christmas) December. As a lot of you are in school/college/university we need to try and figure out the date that works best for the most players.

So when would work best for you? When is your last exam or the start of Christmas holidays where you are?
Something that has never featured on a server myself or swifteh have owned is custom enchantments, and I thought now would be an ideal opportunity for us to discuss the possibility of bringing them to Vaelox.

We would initially start small with a pool of maybe 5-10 custom enchantments and then expand from there each Season. Enchantments would be removed/rotated/tweaked each Season to keep things feeling fresh.

Custom enchantments would be distributed as books which could then be combined with armour and tools in an anvil in much the same way as vanilla enchanted books work.

We would be able to give custom enchantments through any or all of the following:
  • Random vote rewards
  • Mob Arena
  • Faction Challenges
  • Lucky drops from mining or fishing
  • Boss mobs
  • Supply drops
  • Crates
  • Faction token shop
Certain enchantments could be locked to certain content to encourage players to participate in more activities than they usually would to obtain the "god tier" items.

Let us know your thoughts on whether or not custom enchantments would be a good idea for us to introduce. What enchantments would you like to see and what enchants would you like us to avoid?
While we are working away on Season 5 (and have been for some time), it is unlikely that we will have anything ready that will meet your expectations in the next couple of weeks.

This puts us in a slightly difficult position as having a Christmas-time-ish reset is pretty much mandatory for a server. Resetting mid-November (which is realistically the earliest we would have something ready by) would mean that Season 5's map would only be about a month long.

I feel that our best option is going to be having a reset at the earliest possible time in December when most people have finished school/college etc for their holidays. This will make sure that Season 5 is absolutely ready and gives us plenty of time to build up hype and work on all of the planned features.

With players from all over the globe, it's going to be tricky to find something that is perfect for everyone, but it would be nice to get some feedback about what would work for you. What date do you finish school for the holidays? When are your last exams?

The thought of having no new Vaelox Season to play until December upsets me too, but hang in there, it'll be worth the wait :)
As part of our ongoing open discussion with the community, I wanted to open up our internal talks about potential changes to the leaderboard system. The proposed changes would provide further simplification for new players while keeping all of the core mechanics the same or similar. Factions will be once again encouraged to target valuables, rather than leaderboard points OR valuables.

The changes would be as follows...
  • Factions would be once again ranked on their $VALUE, rather than leaderboard points. The Season winner would be determined by the Faction with the most value.
  • The existing leaderboard points and tokens would combine into a single currency. The new currency would be obtainable through all methods points and tokens currently are (+ any new ones we add). This means that both PvP related activities such as KOTH, Conquest & Castle would provide the currency, as well as non-PvP activities such as challenges.
  • The new currency can be used to purchase upgrades, void chests, spawners & other valuable items.
  • The new currency IS RAIDABLE. Hitting a primary claim would transfer a portion of this currency to the raiding Faction (much like leaderboard points currently do).
Any thoughts?