Season 3 is now officially over and any changes you make will no longer have an effect on the Season rankings.

As always we will be giving players some time to open any disputes they may have (via ticket) before officially announcing the end of season winners.

Expect to see news on Season 4 in the next week or two, we have a lot of big changes and additions in the works which I am sure you will be happy to see.

The map will remain active until shortly before the start of the new Season for you to do whatever you like (though no attempts at crashing the server please) :)
Season 3 will end on Sunday 4th June @ 23:59 UTC. At this time a snapshot will be taken and used to determine end-of-season rewards. Anything done after this point will not count towards these calculations.

The Season 4 announcement and starting date will be posted here shortly after the season end, together with the Season 3 winners and final leaderboard standings.

Good luck!
While breaching other Factions to steal their hard-earned leaderboard points is a great mechanic, it does leave a couple of avenues open to abuse. We want everyone to play fairly but also understand that some of the more competitive Factions will try and do whatever it takes to be #1.

A couple of issues were recently brought to my attention so I wanted to clarify a few things before anyone knowingly (or unknowingly) breaks the rules.

You must not "transfer" points from one Faction to another. All breaches must be legitimate, with no collusion between the raided Faction and the one doing the cannoning.

You must not game the system to farm points with the intention of selling / transferring / gifting the points to another Faction.

The administrators will investigate all reports of suspect breaches and will issue point reversals as well as further deductions for anyone caught doing it.

There are plenty of points sitting in Casuals & Ghosts cores, so just raid them instead of being dodgy :D
Some of you may be aware of the situation towards the end of April regarding Zach giving out the Skype of one player to another. Whilst I fully believe that there was no malicious intent on behalf of Zach, it led to an unfortunate situation of some players finding themselves on the receiving end of a booter.

I have spoken with Zach about the situation and we both agree that it would be best for him to step down from Helper.

Below is a message from Zach he has asked me to pass on.

Since the start of Season 2, Factions have been able to "breach" another Faction by firing TNT which explodes inside the core chunk and between the y-levels show in the /f raidinfo for that Faction. Further information can be seen on this guide:

While it was initially announced that Factions simply had to pass TNT through the core, this was scrapped before release and never introduced to the live server. The mechanic on the live server has always required an explosion inside the chunk.

I was under the impression that players were fully aware of this fact, as it was just how it has always been and is what is suggested on the guide. It is clear by the recent Ghosts vs Farside situation that this is not the case.

I will do my best to try and update any out-of-date information out there and will also be making sure that all staff are fully aware of recent changes so that players are not fed incorrect information.

As you know, we like to be transparent and post all changes made to the server at - though this change wasn't mentioned as it never actually went live.

So yes, while Ghosts did manage to cannon their way into the centre of Farsides base, they never exploded any TNT inside of the actual core and therefore no breach was counted. I can understand the frustration, but I'm sure they can easily get into Farside again ;)
We are looking for a few new buildings / structures for both this Season and next, and thought it would be great to see what members within our community can come up with.

Some of you are clearly great at building and designing things - some of the Faction homes out there are worthy of being made into a spawn!

We are looking for...

Duel Arenas
  • Each arena must be approximately 75 x 75 in size
  • Must be completely flat
  • Must be enderpearl friendly - All structures should be barrier blocked so that players can not get on top of them
  • PvP friendly - No webs/liquids etc
KOTH / Conquest cap zones
  • A structure or building with a 5x5 capture zone with corners
  • PvP friendly - No webs/liquids etc
  • Must be suitable for pasting onto a flat piece of land. The building or structure itself can contain different elevation levels
LMS Arena (to give you an idea, our current one looks like this:
  • Approximately 200 x 200 in size
  • Must be mostly flat with no OP hiding spots
  • Must be enderpearl friendly. If the arena is mostly flat we can achieve this easily with worldguard regions
  • PvP friendly - No webs/liquids etc
We will of course be compensating anyone who builds something that makes its way onto the server, whether that be via coupons or something else.

If you are interested please submit a ticket at
While many of you have been slaying The Easter Bunny in droves, it appears that some have managed to slip through the net and hide eggs across various parts of the server.

The Easter Bunny has been spotted hiding eggs in spawn, warzone, the shop, the end, the PvP arena and a few other lesser known areas. These will be the places to search when the event starts.

The shiny eggs are currently hidden by a magical power, but will become visible to everyone Saturday 15th April 10:00pm UTC; It is your job to collect as many as you can and get the prizes within!

Picking up an egg will instantly add a prize to your inventory, prizes will include:
  • Easter Crates
  • Coupons
  • Mob Spawners
  • Armour sets
  • mcMMO boosters
  • mcMMO levels
  • Coal (some bunnies are evil!)
Obviously some of the search areas are PvP-enabled areas, so be careful out there!
If you fancy yourself some amazing loot, it might be a good idea to keep your eye out for The Easter Bunny. These health boosted, speedy rabbits will randomly spawn near players who are in the main world, and if you can bring yourself to kill one, you might get lucky and receive an Easter Crate!

Easter Crates are the best crates yet and available only for a short period of time. The possible contents are:
  • Access to /kit easter (until Season 3 is over)
  • Rabbit disguise
  • Creeper Egg
  • $20 store coupon
  • 1,500 Faction tokens
  • Creeper spawner
  • Enderman spawner
  • 3 uses of /fix all
  • $2 million ingame cash
  • $500k ingame cash
  • Witch spawner
  • 32 bedrock
  • 200 mcMMO levels
  • 32 hoppers
If killing innocent bunnies isn't your thing, you can also buy the crates @

We will hopefully be hosting some further events this weekend to give players even more opportunities to obtain these amazing crates, so keep an eye out for news on those sometime soon (thinking treasure hunts & BrandonDao vs players).

On a complete tangent, I would also like to remind everyone that the latest server updates and changes can be seen @
To avoid any rumours / speculation / gossip I thought it would be best to be as transparent as possible regarding the issue that happened with the bar drinks.

Earlier today an admin was notified by a player (special thanks to them) that there was a potential dupe with the bar drinks. An initial suspect was immediately banned and the bar was blocked off to stop anyone else purchasing drinks.

After it was brought to my attention, the bar plugin was disabled so that any other drinks out in the wild were undrinkable.

There were two ways that I then discovered to dupe the bar drinks. The first was caused by a bug with the "extended potion effects" Faction upgrade and the second was caused by an issue with how hoppers interact with stacked potions, or drinks.

Both of these exploit avenues have been fixed, and extra protection has been added to ensure that any future duped bar drink becomes unusable. All of the old and potentially duped bar drinks will now be automatically removed from player's inventories.

After the issue was resolved, we checked our logs to discover just who was involved and how much they made. The following have been perm banned pending investigation:
  • jdp1997 $13,100,000
  • iProLynch98 $11,900,000
  • IGot99Mining $11,900,000
  • BaseGrind $12,100,000
  • ImAllHacks $9,300,000
  • Tides_ $1,500,000
As the issue was isolated and recent, it made no sense to rollback the entire server. We therefore recovered the monetary value (+ a small penalty) from the players respective Faction bases.

We have no reason to believe that this bug has been previously exploited for monetary gain, but I will update you if we find anything else.
Just a reminder that raiding will be enabled at 11pm UTC this Friday (24 hours from this post).

Good luck out there!