The cannon and base defence testing server is now live and can be accessed by typing /cannons after joining the server. You can get back to Factions by relogging or by typing /factions whilst on the cannon server.

You will be able to use both worldedit and creative to quickly build and test anything you think. The plot size for each player is 30 x 30 chunks which should be plenty of room to test anything.

Redstone will not be washed away by water and emerald blocks can be used to protect all blocks directly above them from explosion damage.

The same rules and changes regarding cannoning and defences are on both servers so you can be sure that if something works on the cannon server it will work on Factions.

Up next, pvp stuff.
At 8:00am UTC I was made aware of an issue with the server where some commands and mcMMO were not working correctly.

After an investigation it turned out that some data on the server disk drive had become corrupt and the server was immediately shutdown so that we could begin restoring from a backup.

We have restored data from the most recent backup with valid data. This backup was around ~3 hours old at the time of the first reported issue.

Any purchases that have been lost from the rollback will be replaced.

Later today we will be boosting "luck" across the server which will affect things like fishing drops and contents of crate keys and warzone supply drops and will also be giving out a ton of mcMMO boosters.

We appreciate that this is going to upset a lot of you and we can only apologize.
As a popular event in the past, we will be hosting a staff vs players event today at 11pm UTC.

The event will take place at the PvP arena which can be accessed by typing /pvp (pvp is enabled straight away after you warp here).

Each member of staff will be kitted out in some OP gear (which you will not get if you kill them ;)) and will also be carrying some very valuable loot which they will drop on death.

Possible loot will include:
  • Ingame money
  • mcMMO boosters
  • Mob spawners
  • Buycraft coupons for our store
The event is bring your own gear, so kit yourselves out and keep an eye on ingame chat closer to the event start time.
TNT will be enabled this Wednesday at 11:00pm UTC.

That is all.
It's almost time for us to get some sleep after an absolutely crazy busy day but I thought I would give everyone a rundown of how things have gone so far, what we are working on now and all that kind of thing.

Lag wise the relaunch has gone pretty well. though the server is currently experiencing the occasional hiccup with the network which our host has promised will be sorted very soon. If it's not we will assess our options later today.

Even though our priority has been bug fixing and performance tweaks, player feedback is being heard as promised, and we have already added/changed the following based directly on feedback:
  • Added insta-break sponges
  • Added efficiency 6 pickaxes to renowned and higher supply drops
  • Added a Faction permission to control who and who cannot set homes in your land
  • Improved the xp earn rates of some mcMMO skills (this will be revised again soon)
  • Added higher level enchantment areas in spawn
  • Improved compatibility with schematica printer

Over the next few days you will see the rollout of our mazes built by @THExMist, the introduction of the Mob and 1v1 arenas as well as a ton more other things.

Remember to post your suggestions to
and your bug reports to

Just wanted to let you know that there will be a small delay (up to 30 mins) while we wait on the hosts of our new server box.

Thought we'd upgrade to a 6700K overclocked to 4.7Ghz just in case ;)

New ETA is 10:30pm UTC.
For a while now it has been clear that the current Vaelox formula has not been working out. We have listened very carefully to all of your suggestions and I am proud to announce that we will be adding SLOT MACHINES!!

All joking aside...

Today I am happy to announce that we will soon be relaunching Vaelox as a more traditional Factions server. We will be bringing in a ton of new features and things to do, as well as carrying over all of the cool stuff already live on the Vaelox server.

The server will relaunch on Friday 10th June at 10pm UTC.

Our announcement document containing pretty much everything you need to know can be found by clicking here.

Please feel free to discuss anything and everything. We want to continue our trend of being very reactive to player feedback, so we definitely want to hear your opinions.

Many thanks go out to @Barney and @1092CQ for volunteering to set up our very own Teamspeak server.

You can join using server address

We have many public channels for different games or activities or you can even create your own private Faction channel by joining the Faction Channels section.

You can download Teamspeak from:
I am currently working on a series of guides that aim to give more information about the specifics of the server. They are all a work-in-progress but it would be great to get some feedback on them.

The guides section can be found here:

If there's anything you want to know or think would be helpful for new players, let me know!

(I realize a lot of this information is overdue for a lot of you, but I hope we can get this corrected for future players)
Just wanted to give you all a quick update as we are getting closer to launch.

We are doing some final testing with a few select players and expect public launch to be 8:30pm UTC (rather than 8pm UTC).

See you all soon!