In an effort to try and keep up some sort of event schedule, we will be once again hosting two King of the Hill events this weekend!

KOTH 1 - 11pm UTC Friday 29th July
The first KOTH will take place at the Ruins behind spawn. The quickest way to get here is to teleport to north, exit spawn and then go either left or right to get behind spawn and cross the river. Alternatively, you can claim chunks on the south side of spawn and either use F warps or homes.

The prize for the winner of this KOTH is a $75 (or equivalent in your local region) Amazon voucher - This will be delivered by email.

The first 5 runners up will each receive a prize of ingame money. ($500k for first runner up, $250k for second runner up, $100k for third runner up, $50k for fourth and fifth)


KOTH 2 - 1am UTC Sunday 31st July - NOTE: for all players in America, this will be late evening on the Saturday 30th

This KOTH will be hosted at the Pirate Ship at our PvP arena. This can be accessed by typing /pvp and then heading to the obsidian/nether themed area.

The prize for the winner of this KOTH is a $75 (or equivalent in your local region) Amazon voucher - This will be delivered by email.

The first 5 runners up will each receive a prize of ingame money. ($500k for first runner up, $250k for second runner up, $100k for third runner up, $50k for fourth and fifth)

The capture time for both events will be 15 minutes. You must provide your own gear so use the time between now and the first event to get stocked up!

A word on teaming...

Whilst we do not ban anyone from teaming during the KOTH events, we would like to note that it is highly discouraged. After all, why help someone else win a prize that could be yours? This especially applies to inter-Faction teaming.
With the aim of promoting our twitter, and the server, we are giving away a Razer DeathAdder Chroma on our twitter!

See the pinned tweet at for more details.

Entries close sometime this weekend :)
This weekend we will be hosting two King of the Hill events where the winner will receive one of two gaming mice!

The hills will be hotly contested, so use the time before the events to stock up on plenty of sets of gear and potions... You are going to need them!

Obviously there can only be one winner for each event, so you may want to put your Faction relationships aside temporarily. You will be able to toggle friendly fire by typing /f friendlyfire. If both players have this enabled Faction relationships will be ignored for PvP.

The events will be using the changes proposed in this thread: so make sure to familiarize yourself with the changes. Also note that knockback for both swords and bows has been globally reduced and players who are near the KOTH capture zone will receive a further reduction in knockback.


The first event will take place on Saturday 23rd July at 9pm UTC - WINNER: Grummmp and the prize for the winner is a Corsair M65 Pro RGB gaming mouse. The location of the KOTH will be announced when the event starts.
The second event will take place on Sunday 24th July at 11pm UTC and the prize for the winner is a Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum gaming mouse. Again, the location of the KOTH will be announced when the event starts.

Tomorrow (on the 13th of July) we will be hosting three KOTH events with the aim of ironing out any issues and making improvements before moving them to an automated schedule.

The schedule will be as follows:

Pirate Ship KOTH - Starts at 3pm UTC - Prize $50 coupon (WINNER: carter_246)
Ruins KOTH - Starts at 9pm UTC - Prize $50 coupon (WINNER: Lepax246)
Pyramid KOTH - Starts at 11pm UTC - Prize Battlefield 1

All feedback about the plugin, capture zones, mechanics etc should be posted in this thread after you have taken part in a KOTH.

If you took part in the $25 coupon KOTH today, feedback from that would also be appreciated.
Whilst we continue to work on the PvP updates so desperately wanted, we thought we would do a staff vs players to try and quench that PvP thirst for a few days.

We will be hosting two rounds, with the first taking place at spawn and the second at the PvP arena.

Spawn staff vs players - starts at 11:00pm UTC
PvP Arena staff vs players - starts at 12:00am UTC

Prizes will include:
  • Mob Spawners (Creeper/Blaze/Enderman)
  • Beacons
  • Vaelox store coupons ($25, $50, $100 and $150)
  • A standard copy of Battlefield 1 for your chosen platform on launch
Staff team so far
wolfywolfypower (as long as she is allowed to be let loose on ban reports -_-)
kachow (maybe)

Please note that PvP among players will be enabled, so if you see someone picking up a prize you are free to try and take them out!

You have 6 hours from the time of this post until the first round starts, so get brewing and gearing up :)

We had previously only offered two-factor authentication to players who had made a purchase from our store (of any value) with the intention of using that information as a form of recovery. It has become clear that account hijacking has become more and more prevalent and we will now be changing our stance on this and making two-factor available to everyone.

More information about two-factor can be found here:

In summary, enabling two-factor will mean that even if your Minecraft account is stolen or used by someone else, they will not be able to login to your account on our server, saving you from a ton of potential grief.

Should you ever lose access to your authenticator, you will not be able to login to the Vaelox server until you have contacted a member of staff and passed a series of checks.

We strongly advise ALL players to enable two-factor and would advise Faction leaders to think twice before giving players elevated access to their Faction who do not have it enabled.


Some of you may remember this from back in the day but I would like to announce that Logblock is making a return.

Logblock will allow you to check the history of a block or chest at a given position and see who did what and when. The history is kept for a period of 7 days and then deleted. We hope that Faction leaders will find this tool useful in managing their Faction and allow them to easily put a name to any betrayal.

In order to check the history of a block, you simply right-click it with a wooden pickaxe in your hand. If no block exists where you need to check, place one and then right-click that.


You can flick through pages by clicking on the arrows at the top of the results.

Please note that access to Logblock is controlled by the "logblock" Faction permission. This is set by default to Faction leaders and...
The cannon and base defence testing server is now live and can be accessed by typing /cannons after joining the server. You can get back to Factions by relogging or by typing /factions whilst on the cannon server.

You will be able to use both worldedit and creative to quickly build and test anything you think. The plot size for each player is 30 x 30 chunks which should be plenty of room to test anything.

Redstone will not be washed away by water and emerald blocks can be used to protect all blocks directly above them from explosion damage.

The same rules and changes regarding cannoning and defences are on both servers so you can be sure that if something works on the cannon server it will work on Factions.

Up next, pvp stuff.
At 8:00am UTC I was made aware of an issue with the server where some commands and mcMMO were not working correctly.

After an investigation it turned out that some data on the server disk drive had become corrupt and the server was immediately shutdown so that we could begin restoring from a backup.

We have restored data from the most recent backup with valid data. This backup was around ~3 hours old at the time of the first reported issue.

Any purchases that have been lost from the rollback will be replaced.

Later today we will be boosting "luck" across the server which will affect things like fishing drops and contents of crate keys and warzone supply drops and will also be giving out a ton of mcMMO boosters.

We appreciate that this is going to upset a lot of you and we can only apologize.
As a popular event in the past, we will be hosting a staff vs players event today at 11pm UTC.

The event will take place at the PvP arena which can be accessed by typing /pvp (pvp is enabled straight away after you warp here).

Each member of staff will be kitted out in some OP gear (which you will not get if you kill them ;)) and will also be carrying some very valuable loot which they will drop on death.

Possible loot will include:
  • Ingame money
  • mcMMO boosters
  • Mob spawners
  • Buycraft coupons for our store
The event is bring your own gear, so kit yourselves out and keep an eye on ingame chat closer to the event start time.
TNT will be enabled this Wednesday at 11:00pm UTC.

That is all.