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By Bestle on Mar 4, 2018 at 8:37 PM
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    Our cannon server, while fully functional, has been neglected for a short while so we thought it was time to give it a minor overhaul to address some of the more important concerns.

    Firstly, we have upgraded the WorldEdit version to FastAsyncWorldEdit. This should not only offer much better performance but also fix any problems with blocks occasionally not pasting in properly.

    Secondly we have added a new "mega" plot world, and anyone with a rank above Citizen can claim a plot there. This world features huge 75 x 75 chunk plots (an area increase of over six times over the standard plot size). This world also benefits from a larger chunk render distance.

    And finally, all players now have access to 20 sethomes and anyone with a rank above Citizen can set 200!

    To claim your mega plot, type /plot mega on the cannon server. You can teleport between plots with /plot tp.

    We are still investigating the possibility of offering schematic uploading to the cannon server and upgrading to FastAsyncWorldEdit was the first step in this process.

    You can join the cannon server directly using or join by typing /cannon while on the Factions server.
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Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Bestle, Mar 4, 2018.

    1. jordan
      How splendid
    2. Parted
      Good changes!
    3. Toru4
      Who the fuck needs 200 homes
    4. Parted
      Better than 2 homes
    5. Caelum100
      First people complain about not having enough homes, then they complain about having too many...
    6. Toru4
      well 200, like that is just useless, i dont even use the server and i can already say people will to up to 50 max
    7. Bestle
      It's 200 because we don't really want people to feel like they are restricted at all but still want to stop them from creating thousands of homes and causing problems with user storage.
    8. lethal
      since cannon server plots are now 75 chunks x 75 chunks that must mean that buffers will be 50 chunks next map and @Bestle wants us to be able to test out our cannons at a longer distance
    9. Bestle
      Nice conspiracy theory you've got going there.
    10. g33builder
      Vaelox is secretly run by BrandonDao, the account Bestle is just an alt.
    11. Toru4
      that explains A LOT
    12. SereneSteel
      this is SHIT i want 50 HOMES not 200!!!
    13. Zyroniic
    14. Ass_Vileator
      Come on Bestle. Homes are like 1 line of code each. Surely the cannon server isnt THAT low on disk space!
    15. Caelum100
      It can easily be abused by automation or something. Unlimited homes -> user automates the creation of millions of homes and clogs up all the disk space.
    16. charliechunders

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