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Discussion in 'Server Suggestions' started by GoodSkin, Aug 2, 2018.

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    Wow you make such a great point!!!
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    Machinlolilol has all the answers

    The force is upon him
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    disabling printer will not change anything if you are the attacker raiding someone. For the cannon we got parked outside of our base right now sits right near bedrock and has like 40+ shots prestacked ready to fire whenever. It wouldn't be too hard for like 2-3 people to keep up with it for a duration of a raid.

    Not to mention I could also just make a larger sandcomp which allowed me to double, triple, quadruple, (probably up to 8x realistically but i could easily see it being up to 16x) the amount of prestacked sand.

    So you'd need to make something in the rules about that and once you get into that territory your limiting cannons and forcing people to follow specific rules that can be easily misinterpreted, and it's also time sensitive. AKA too much hassle to even bother implementing.

    I sort of agree about disabling printer with farms but farms on here are pointless unless its sugarcane so why bother doing anything about it whenever you just currently sugarcane grind for a few days and that generates enough wealth to get you a few spawners that snowballs into 100+ spawners by the end of the week because the spawner eco is broken.

    TLDR on printer,
    Removing printer wont fix any of the real issues and probably just be more annoying than anything.

    As for genbuckets, I don't really care either way whether they stay or not because it probably wont change much. On woody Fire 5.0 me and another player in my faction genned 3 sides of our buffers within 2 days alone with it only taking a few hours per side (stackable buckets). If you had multiple people it would be even quicker.

    How is that even an issue (the speed a cannon can be built)? On map 5.0 we had cannons permanently setup outside of Ghost and Farside for the whole duration of the map, and this latest map we had a 360 stationed at our base the entire map defending it. I don't think the speed of building cannons is any issue IMO.
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