Recent news #3 (December 23rd 2017)

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    This will probably be the last update of any significant importance until after Christmas now, so just wanted to wish you all a good one :)

    @1092CQ will be hosting a third Christmas Present Hunt event later today (this one is not on the calendar), so keep an eye on Discord / forums / ingame chat for announcements.

    As a reminder, cannoning will be disabled for Christmas day and the start of boxing day. Times in a few timezones are as follows:

    UTC - 6am December 25th to 6pm December 26th
    EST - 1am December 25th to 1pm December 26th
    PST - 11pm December 24th to 11am December 26th

    Void Chests


    Feedback for Void Chests has been mostly positive, but some have expressed concern that they are a little difficult to maintain especially given how rare emeralds are.

    The following changes have therefore been made
    • Emeralds now restore 10% charge each (was 5%)
    • Void Chests will now sell 50% more value before being fully depleted
    • Emeralds can now be purchased from /f shop (though we'd still rather people mine / buy from miners for them)
    Custom Enchantments

    As custom enchantments are entirely new to the server, some tweaking was bound to be required. I'm sure this will be an ongoing process as we add new enchants, so don't expect everything to stay the same!

    • Health Boost effectiveness halved (Health Boost I now grants 1 heart per piece, Health Boost II grants 2 hearts per piece)

    Health above player's heads is now randomised, making it completely meaningless. We hope this will improve playability and initial feedback from our resident LMS host @HEEVES has been positive.

    Mob Racing

    Issues with payouts have now been resolved. The racetrack manager has been fired for bamboozling players out of their hard earned cash.
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Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Bestle, Dec 23, 2017.

    1. Ragepage
      Would love to see CE's drop more frequently from Mob Arena, currently the only real way to get them is events and supply drops OR the crates. After Gucci Gang's raid on the buycraft at the start of the map providing them with sets of custom enchants for most of their members, they have been steamrolling events making the other top factions not even bother going to top tier events like conquest. I think the last conquest event ended in a score of Gucci Gang 300, Casuals 3, Submit 2. The problem currently is the only way to get on an even playing field and win the event to get more custom enchants to help even the playing field more, is to buy crates or win events without the benefit of custom enchants. Would love to see everyone a bit more equally geared pvp wise by the 30th for the raid event.

      Now with total health lowered, rage might be a bit more balanced, I believe before the damage might have been scaling off of the missing health from their health boosted total. With a lesser total they will still deal loads of damage, but it should be a bit more manageable.

      Anyways, what is with the quartz drops in mob arena anyways? The arrows I can live with since at least you can sell them, but the quartz I have no idea what I am going to do with.

      Thanks for the consistent updates and positive changes.

      Edit: Another conquest just occured, score as usual:
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    2. M0rt
      Cant u just get rid of the hearts in lms? The randomized hearts confuse me a lot while pvping. Rest of the updates look good! Any info about nerfing sharp 7?
    3. Bestle
      It's very awkward to do as the hearts are force everywhere and for every scoreboard on the server.

      We could keep the hearts at a constant value, but couldn't think of a nice number that wouldn't make people think things are just broken :(
    4. 1092CQ
      "1092" has a nice ring to it.
    5. Worzel
      How about 68 hp in memory of the broken af Health Boost enchantment?
    6. M0rt
      Have to disagree, what about just 0?
    7. 1092CQ
      Because only noobs use such a number on its own in their name. "1092" is magical.
    8. 1092CQ
      Will be at 11PM UTC (4 1/2 hours from posting this). Presents are all already placed, spread out across all Vaelox-owned areas (Except the nether), both in PVP and Non-PVP Areas. Some are much more difficult to find than others - Enderpearls will be useful!
    9. Toru4
    10. Anc
    11. Caelum100
      Any news regarding Season 4 rewards?
    12. Bestle
      The man with the money (@swifteh) is currently away for Christmas. It is very high on the todo list however :)

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