Season 6 Discord Invite Competition

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    The time has come for our Season 6 Discord invite competition and rewards. Obviously the goal of this is to spread awareness of the server and the upcoming reset so please only invite people who may actually be interested - don't piss random people off!

    Competition Details
    Ranks will be awarded to the top three people who get the most joins to our Discord server using their own permanent invite links. You can create your own invite link by right-clicking the "Welcome" channel, and then clicking on "Instant Invite". Please make sure that you edit your link so that it never expires.


    In order for an invite to be valid for competition purposes, the person you invited must join our Minecraft server and link their account (by typing "/discord link" on our server) before the competition closes. You should also link your own account before inviting others.

    Suggested invite copypasta (make sure you put YOUR invite link where it says {your invite link here})
    :fire: Vaelox Factions Season 6 Launches THIS SATURDAY :fire:
    ➥ $2,000 prize pool for f top and Faction challenges
    ➥ Flawless cannoning (unrivaled jar)
    ➥ Tons of competition
    Read the full  Season 6 changelog at
    **Discord:** {your invite link here}
    **Server IP:**
    Join the Minecraft server and type **/discord link** to link your Minecraft and Discord accounts for access to exclusive perks and competitions.
    The competition closes Friday 8th June 11pm UTC.

    Top Inviter: Diabolical Rank ($300 value)
    2nd Place: Infamous Rank ($225 value)
    3rd Place: Notorious Rank ($175 value)
    More than 10 valid invites: 3 random crate keys

    • You must only invite people who may be interested in playing on the server. Do not spam other Discords or private message random people
    • You must make every attempt to ensure that all invites are genuine
    • You will not try to boost your invites or exploit the competition in any way
    Anyone caught breaking the rules will be disqualified and permanently banned from the server.
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Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Bestle, Jun 4, 2018.

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